PSP Legal Package – FHDQ+

197,50$ / month

Our tailor-made solution to keep members of the Fédération des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec well-informed on the various legal issues they face in their professional practice and beyond, the PSP Legal Package – FHDQ+ brings together the following legal benefits and services in a single annual package: 

  • Unlimited access to the FHDQ+ content of PSP Legal’s online legal toolkit, enabling you to download sample documents and legal guides particularly relevant to your field of activity;
  • 1 annual training session of one (1) hour on a topic related to your concerns at your annual conference;
  • Access to PSP Legal’s online teleconsultation service (le Guichet juridique en ligne) for you and your family at a preferential flat rate of $67.50 for each consultation, lasting up to one (1) hour (which represents a 10% reduction from our usual rate of $75);
  • Access to PSP Legal’s provincial multidisciplinary network and reduced hourly rate for any legal issue requiring direct intervention by one of PSP Legal’s affiliated jurists or human resources management consultants;
  • Appointment scheduling within 24 hours;
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