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Inheritance law and estate planning is the branch of law that encompasses all the legislative, jurisprudential and tax rules governing the transfer of a person's assets upon death.

It goes without saying that knowledge of these rules is of the utmost importance, not only when setting up structures to protect and maximize the transfer of assets, but also, if not more so, when disputes arise between successors and liquidators. It is therefore particularly important to be well advised in these matters, and to be well represented in the event of litigation or claims.

Thanks to their diversified professional experience acquired both locally and nationally, the group of estate law and estate planning lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal can not only advise you and help you put in place strategies to preserve and maximize the transfer of assets and business interests for the benefit of your loved ones and successors in anticipation of death, but can also help you assert your rights before the courts, while trying to find solutions and avoid problems when contestation of the will or of the liquidator's status is at the heart of the dispute concerning you, anywhere in Quebec.

We are a group of independent lawyers whose primary objective is to promote access to justice and legal knowledge by offering quality legal tools, advice and services online, over the phone and in person, at reasonable cost.

With a human and personalized approach, the lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal and the tools they offer support you and help reassure you in the face of what may seem like an ordeal. With the group of estate law and estate planning lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal, you're no longer alone in dealing with the complexities of the situations you face.

Whether you need to challenge the executor, contest a will, contest the probate of a mandate of protection or probate a will, or whether you need help developing structures to protect and maximize the transfer of your estate upon your death, the PSP Legal Estate Planning Group offers you access to the expertise and experience of seasoned practitioners working within a national network of lawyers.

PSP Legal's group of estate and succession planning lawyers...because you deserve expert advice!

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