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Beyond the numerous everyday situations that do not require the intervention of a lawyer, despite the legal implications that may arise, and those where legal representation is simply not allowed, an increasing number of people are choosing to forgo the services of a lawyer and prefer to represent themselves in civil, family, or criminal cases.

While self-represented individuals in court quickly face the daunting challenge of unfamiliarity with the judicial process and the legal standards applicable to their situation, asserting one’s rights on a daily basis is no easier, considering the thousands of legislative and jurisprudential norms that govern us.


Asserting one’s rights on a daily basis

Any individual who wishes to represent themselves can do so in a civil, family, or criminal case. In other words, you are not obligated to be represented by a lawyer when, for example, seeking a divorce, child support, or if you are being sued in a civil or criminal matter. However, you cannot act alone in court if you are doing so on behalf of a company or organization. In such cases, you are required to be represented by a lawyer.

However, you are obligated to represent yourself in a small claims lawsuit. You can also grant a free mandate of representation to your spouse or a friend.

In small claims court, a legal entity (company, organization, etc.) must be represented by an officer or employee, not a lawyer.

If you are not familiar with your rights, how can you assert them?

To assist you, we have created an online legal toolkit that includes numerous resources to help you better understand and assert your rights. It provides you with access to various internet links, forms, and guides for the development and drafting of useful documents tailored to your situation.

Whether you regularly face issues with legal implications due to your status as an employer, business owner, or nonprofit administrator, whether you are considering starting a business, or simply have a specific legal problem, we have a package for you!

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