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Civil rights law is the branch of law dealing with legal personality and the fundamental attributes of the individual. It governs the status of individuals, their rights and the protective regimes created for them.

Since there are many legal rules that can positively or negatively influence rights and obligations relating to the physical person, it is important to be well advised on the various issues involved, and well represented before the courts in proceedings involving, but not limited to, financial abuse of seniors, protection of senior tenants, private residences for seniors, mandates for protection in case of incapacity, or involving the various protective regimes provided by civil law.

With their diversified professional experience, acquired both locally and nationally, PSP Légal's civil rights lawyers can help you assert your rights before the courts, anywhere in Quebec.

PSP Légal is a group of independent lawyers whose primary objective is access to justice and legal knowledge. To this end, we offer tools, advice and quality legal services online, by telephone or in person, at reasonable rates. If you'd like advice on your rights and obligations under a protection plan, for example, PSP Legal's affiliated lawyers can provide the assistance you need.

By adopting a human and personalized approach, PSP Legal's affiliated lawyers can provide you with the support and tools that will reassure you in the face of what can sometimes be a difficult ordeal.

With the expertise and experience of PSP Legal's seasoned civil rights practitioners, you're no longer alone in the complex challenges you face.

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