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Construction and real estate law is the branch of law that covers all legislative and jurisprudential standards relating to the ownership of buildings and those who build them.

Since many legal rules can positively or negatively influence the activities of owners, contractors and subcontractors working in the construction industry, as well as those of brokers and residential or commercial owners active in the real estate market, it is particularly important to be well advised in these matters and to be well represented in the event of litigation or claims.

Thanks to their diversified professional experience acquired both locally and nationally, the group of construction and real estate jurists affiliated with PSP Legal can help you avoid problems or find solutions when faced with a dispute, anywhere in Quebec.

We are a group of independent lawyers, notaries and corporate services firms whose primary objective is to promote access to justice and legal knowledge by offering quality legal tools, advice and services online, over the phone and in person, at reasonable cost.

With a human and personalized approach, the jurists affiliated with PSP Legal and the tools they offer support you and help reassure you in the face of what may seem like an ordeal. With the group of construction and real estate jurists affiliated with PSP Légal, you're no longer alone in facing the complex difficulties that result from the situations you encounter.

Whether it's a claim for construction defects or faulty workmanship involving several million dollars, or hidden defects involving a few thousand dollars, recovery of unpaid work or materials, drafting of notices of denunciation and notices of legal construction hypothecs, or assistance with calls for tenders, mediation and arbitration in construction disputes, preparation, drafting and execution of construction management contracts, contracts between client and general contractor for the execution of work on a lump-sum basis, lump-sum contracts between client and specialized contractor for construction management projects, cost-plus contracts, fixed-price design-build contracts, civil engineering contracts, architectural contracts, bid, performance and payment bonds for labor and materials, commercial leases, disputes concerning easements or rights-of-way, or commercial real estate transactions, PSP Legal's group of construction and real estate jurists offers you access to the expertise and experience of seasoned practitioners working within a national network of litigators and legal advisors.

The group of construction and real estate jurists affiliated with PSP Legal...because you deserve expert advice!

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