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The body of law that governs the governance and legal relationships of companies and businesses between themselves, their managers and their customers is known as business law and corporate governance.

With their diversified professional experience acquired both locally and nationally, and their in-depth knowledge of the business world, the members of the group of independent lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal can become true business partners, advising you in the preparation of commercial and business documents, as well as in all legal and tax aspects affecting your company.

We are a group of independent lawyers whose primary objective is to promote access to justice and legal knowledge by offering quality legal tools, advice and services online, over the phone and in person, at reasonable cost.

With a human and personalized approach, the lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal and the tools they offer support you and help reassure you in the face of what may seem like an ordeal. With the group of business law and corporate governance lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal, you're no longer alone in dealing with the complexities of the situations you face.

Whether you're trying to settle or prevent a commercial dispute, conclude a business sale, merger or acquisition, plan your company's succession or simply reorganize your business to maximize its value by putting in place an optimal corporate structure from both a tax and commercial point of view, or to help you better understand the obligations of your company and its officers, assert your rights and better manage your business risks by giving your key personnel access, at all times, to various Internet links, forms and guides for drafting and preparing useful documents tailored to the objectives of managing the risks, growth and other challenges with legal implications that your company regularly faces.

The group of lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal offers you access to the expertise and experience of seasoned practitioners working within a national network of lawyers. 

The PSP Legal Affiliates Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group...because you deserve expert advice!

Our services :

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale of business
  • Business succession planning
  • Corporate governance, risk management and legal compliance
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Tax litigation and disputes
  • Intellectual property
  • Real estate
  • Business financing
  • Debt collection 
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation

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