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Share or asset purchase and sale agreement

Negotiating and concluding a buy-sell agreement is a major step in any sale of corporate assets or shares. By definition, a share or asset purchase and sale agreement is a private agreement between a seller holding shares issued by, or assets of, a company, and a buyer.

More specifically, a buy-sell agreement sets out the terms and conditions of a sale of a company’s assets or shares. This type of agreement is essential to anticipate and avoid a number of contentious situations.

For example, an agreement for the purchase and sale of shares or assets must contain the following information

  • The object of the transaction; the seller must therefore determine the consideration he wishes to obtain, and the buyer must establish the assets or shares he wishes to acquire;
  • Terms of payment: date, frequency, amount per payment, place of payment, interest rate and applicable guarantees;
  • Various clauses enabling the sale price to be adjusted in line with the company’s liabilities and assets;
  • Declarations by the buyer and seller;
  • All other relevant clauses, such as confidentiality, valuation, non-competition, non-solicitation and other clauses.

The conditions and restrictions surrounding share or asset purchase/sale transactions must be set out in the shareholder agreement, but are also governed by the Business Corporations Act


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