Privacy statement and terms of use

1. Preamble

This PSP Legal Privacy Policy describes how we handle and protect the personal information we collect through technological means (for example, e-mail or online). 

We follow these rules to protect your privacy and meet our legal obligations.


2. To whom is this policy addressed?

The rules described in this policy apply to you if we collect your personal information by technological means in the course of our activities.


3. A few definitions

For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions are provided by the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, RLRQ c. P-39.1 (the “Act”).

  • “Personal information” means any information that relates to a natural person and makes it possible, directly or indirectly, to identify that person.
  • “Sensitive information” means personal information that gives rise to a reasonable expectation of privacy because of its nature (for example, medical, biometric or otherwise intimate) or because of the context in which it is used or disclosed.
  • “Confidentiality incident”: consists of : 
    • access, use or disclosure of personal information not authorized by law; 
    • loss of personal information or; 
    • any other infringement of the protection of such information.
  • “Privacy Officer”: the person with the highest authority or the person to whom he or she delegates this function in writing, in whole or in part.


4. Your consent

PSP Legal is committed to informing its customers, whether through this statement, its Privacy Policy, its website or its employees, of the purposes for which personal information is collected, used and disclosed.

Consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information is obtained before or at the time the information is collected, except in other cases and under the conditions provided for by law. Consent is valid only for the period required to achieve the purposes for which it was requested.

At any time, you may refuse or withdraw your consent to the collection, use, disclosure (except as permitted by applicable law) or retention of your personal information. 

To this end, we refer the reader to the “Right of access, rectification or withdrawal” section of this Privacy Policy.


5. What personal information do we collect?

PSP Legal collects a variety of personal information, such as your first and last name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, job title, financial data and banking information, credit card number and technological tracking cookies related to the use of our Web site.

To this end, PSP Legal and its Affiliated Partners may collect and process various types of personal information in the course of carrying out our services and activities, including:

  • Contact information, such as name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number;
  • Billing and financial information and details of services rendered;
  • Information provided by or on behalf of our customers which may, where relevant, include sensitive personal information;
  • Identification and other background check data, such as a copy of a driver’s license, proof of ownership or information on the source of funds, required to comply with anti-money laundering laws;
  • Any other personal information provided. 

We also collect data related to the recruitment of our staff members, including those contained in the curricula vitae we receive and data from public sources. 

Business contact information and certain publicly available information, including name, address and telephone number as published online or in the company register, are not considered personal information.

6. Rules we have adopted in connection with the collection and use of Personal Information

PSP Légal only collects personal information that is strictly required for the establishment, management and maintenance of its relationships with PSP Légal members, consultants and service providers, as well as that required to fulfil its obligations towards its customers, suppliers and business partners.

Personal information may be used by PSP Legal only for the purpose for which it was originally collected, unless the prior consent of the person concerned is obtained, except in situations where explicit authorization is granted under the Act, notably :

  • When it is used for purposes compatible with those for which it was collected;
  • When its use is clearly to the benefit of the person concerned;
  • When its use is necessary for the application of a law in Quebec, whether or not such use is expressly provided for by law.


7. Purposes for which your personal information is collected

We collect information in the context of the mandates you entrust to us and the services we provide.

To this end, we collect the personal information required to identify customers, communicate with them, offer personalized services or carry out mandates, pay invoices, offer training courses or improve services rendered.

A. By e-mail

When you correspond with us by e-mail, we collect your e-mail address and the personal information contained in your e-mails. 

The type of information we collect and the reason for collecting it depend on the context of our exchanges. Here are the most common situations:

When you make a request by filling in our contact form.

We collect personal information in order to facilitate communication with you and to offer you personalized support. 

The contact form has been designed to request only essential personal information, including your name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. You also have the option of adding any additional information relevant to your request.

If you wish to enter into a retainer agreement with one of our lawyers, the information obtained through this form may be used to generate your client account.

B. When purchasing services on our website

When you complete the purchase of a consultation with a lawyer.

When you purchase a legal consultation through our online platform, we collect essential information such as your name, address, e-mail address, as well as the personal details specified in your appointment request form.

In this context, we also collect your credit card details. However, it is important to note that this information automatically becomes inaccessible once the purchase has been finalized.

Our information gathering process is strictly limited to what is necessary to complete your request for a consultation with a lawyer.

When you complete the purchase of one of our packages.

When you purchase one of our packages via our online platform, we collect crucial information such as your name, address and e-mail address. We also collect your credit card details.

Our information gathering process is strictly limited to what is necessary to complete the acquisition of a package.

C. Within the framework of mandates with one of our partners.

In the course of providing legal or notarial services with one of our partners, your personal information essential to the service provided may be collected.

The purpose of this data collection is to ensure that the services provided effectively meet your specific needs in the context of legal or notarial services.

8. Disclosure of Personal Information

Access to Personal Information is limited to groups of PSP Legal employees and Partners specifically authorized by PSP Legal and who require such Personal Information in the course of their duties.

PSP Legal does not disclose Personal Information for purposes other than those for which it was collected as set out herein, except with your consent or as expressly permitted by law. 

PSP Legal may also disclose your Personal Information to the extent reasonably necessary in the context of a financing, sale, merger, reorganization or amalgamation of all or part of its business. In such a case, the recipient parties will be contractually bound to maintain the confidentiality of the Personal Information and to use it only in connection with the transaction or proposed transaction in question. In the event that a business transaction is completed, assignees or successors of the organization or its assets may use and disclose your Personal Information as obtained from PSP Legal only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, unless they obtain your consent for other uses.

PSP Legal is also authorized to share your Personal Information with third parties as required or permitted by law, including in the following situations:

  • To government agencies and law enforcement bodies, by virtue of a mandate, order or legal provision;
  • In connection with any current or potential legal proceedings involving PSP Legal or you;
  • In establishing, exercising or defending its legal rights, collection proceedings (including providing information to third parties for fraud prevention and credit risk reduction purposes), to the extent permitted by law.

9. Cookies

By visiting the PSP Legal website, you will be asked to indicate your consent to the use of cookies by our organization. 

These cookies are essential for improving our website, and for providing you with web content and services tailored to your needs. Their main purpose is to track your visit to our site, and they are used exclusively to enhance the personalized service we offer you, while enabling us to better understand your preferences in terms of the pages you visit. 

10. Right of access, rectification or withdrawal

While PSP Legal recognizes the importance of updating the personal information we hold, it is the individual’s responsibility to advise us of any changes to your personal information.

At any time, you may complete a request to rectify your personal information by contacting Mr. Patrick Lajoie, Privacy Officer, by telephone at 418-260-9660 or by e-mail at

In addition, you have the option of refusing or revoking your consent to the collection, use, disclosure (except as provided by applicable law) or retention of your personal information, by sending your request to the same address.

It is imperative to note that withdrawal of your consent may require us to terminate our representation and prevent us from providing services to you, whether legal or otherwise.

Please also note that PSP Legal reserves the right to refuse certain requests in accordance with applicable legal provisions and our ethical obligations.


11. Privacy incident

If any of our staff members have reason to believe that a Privacy Incident involving Personal Information held by PSP Legal or one of its Partners has occurred, they must immediately inform the Privacy Officer, providing all relevant information to assess the situation.

The Privacy Officer is responsible for taking reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm to Data Subjects and to prevent further similar incidents. He or she is also responsible for determining whether the Privacy Incident presents a risk of serious harm to the individuals concerned. If so, he or she must promptly notify the Commission d’accès à l’information and inform any person affected by the Confidentiality Incident, unless this would compromise an investigation by an entity empowered by law to prevent, detect or repress crimes or offences. 

The Privacy Officer may also inform any person or organization likely to reduce this risk, by disclosing only the Personal Information necessary for this purpose, without the consent of the person concerned. In the latter case, the Privacy Officer must carefully record the communication.

In addition, the Privacy Officer keeps a detailed log of all Privacy Incidents.


12. Update

PSP Legal reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time.

Any changes will be made in accordance with applicable laws. You can check the date of the most recent modification by consulting our Privacy Policy.

Your continued provision of personal information to PSP Legal or use of its website following the posting of changes to the Privacy Policy constitutes your explicit acceptance of those changes.

Please note that the French version of this Privacy Policy is the official version and prevails over the English version.

13. Who is responsible for applying the policy?

We have designated a person responsible for the protection of personal information. This person is responsible for ensuring that we comply with the rules set out in this policy and the law. You can contact our Privacy Officer at the following address:


Patrick Lajoie

Privacy Officer

5480, 1re Avenue

Québec (QC) G1H 6T7


This policy takes effect on September 21, 2023.


Appendix 1 – Data retention and destruction 

How long do we keep personal information?

PSP Légal will retain your personal information for the duration of the mandate and for the purposes for which it was provided to us, as well as for any authorized related purposes.

Once these purposes have been fulfilled, we will stop using your personal information.

In compliance with regulatory provisions, it is the obligation of our Partners to retain our clients’ files for a period of seven (7) years from the closing date, in the case of our lawyers’ files. For our notaries’ files, retention extends to ten (10) years after the date of the last service rendered, unless otherwise specified.

Destruction of personal information.

PSP Legal and its Partners securely destroy personal information once the purposes for which it was collected have been fulfilled.

The security of your personal information.

Staff members of PSP Legal and its Partners are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of personal information throughout the performance of their responsibilities, strictly adhering to the company’s policies, guidelines and procedures for the protection of personal information. They undertake not to divulge any personal information that comes to their knowledge in the course of their duties, unless expressly authorized to do so, and to access only such information as is necessary for the performance of their duties.

With this in mind, staff members who handle personal information in the course of their duties must restrict its use to professional purposes, maintain its confidentiality in all circumstances, and immediately report to the person responsible for access any situation likely to compromise the confidentiality of personal information.


Appendix 2 – Members’ roles and responsibilities 

The Privacy Officer :

  • Ensures that the provisions of the Access Act are respected and implemented within the company;
  • Ensures compliance with this policy and with legal, regulatory and administrative obligations relating to access to documents and the protection of personal information;
  • Provides advice, support and guidance to the organization’s staff regarding the application of this Policy and legislative obligations concerning the protection of Personal Information;
  • Handles privacy complaints and requests in accordance with the Act and records them in the appropriate registry;
  • Approves Policies required under the Act;
  • Ensures publication of contact details on the website;

Members of the administration and Partners :

  • Ensure the security of information resources and information held or used in accordance with PSP Legal policies and directives;

Staff members : 

  • Are aware of this policy and respect its spirit, provisions and procedures;
  • Take the necessary measures to ensure the protection of personal information to which it has access;
  • Access only to the personal information required to perform its duties;
  • Use the personal information to which it has access for the purposes for which it was collected;


Appendix 3 – Complaints handling

To exercise their rights regarding personal information, the individuals concerned should address their written request to Mr. Patrick Lajoie, PSP Legal‘s Privacy Officer, using the e-mail address This request must contain sufficient information to allow clear identification, so that we can inform them of the existence, use and disclosure of the personal information we hold about them.

A complaint must include the following information:

  • The first and last name of the complainant and his/her contact details;
  • A detailed and precise description of the problematic situation;
  • Corrective measures planned or desired.

 A complaint is admissible only if :

  • It is submitted by an individual;
  • It concerns dissatisfaction with a practice, an action or the inaction of PSP Legal with respect to the management or protection of the personal information it holds about you;
  • It is not abusive, frivolous or manifestly made in bad faith;
  • It does not contain hate speech or defamatory statements;

PSP Legal undertakes to examine all written requests within thirty (30) days of receipt. This period may be extended with notification of an additional thirty (30) days if meeting the initial deadline would impede PSP Legal‘s activities or if the request requires consultation that would make it difficult to meet the initial deadline. 

No fee will be charged by PSP Legal for processing such requests, except in cases where they are complex.

PSP Legal reserves the right to refuse any request within the allotted response time, in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

In the event of refusal, an appropriate justification will be provided, and the individual concerned will be informed of the recourse provided by law. If the individual is not satisfied with the response provided by PSP Légal, he or she may file a complaint with Mr. Patrick Lajoie, PSP Légal‘s Privacy Officer, by using the e-mail address or by sending correspondence to the following coordinates:


Patrick Lajoie

Privacy Officer

5480, 1re Avenue

Québec (QC) G1H 6T7


An analysis of your complaint will be completed within the timeframe described above. If your complaint is deemed valid and admissible, the necessary rectifications will be made.

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