Litigation and Dispute Settlement

Expertise Litigation and Dispute Settlement

Every year, thousands of disputes arising from contractual and extra-contractual relationships between individuals, between companies and individuals, and between companies themselves and their directors, are brought before the Quebec courts.

Since many substantive and procedural legal rules will positively or negatively influence the course of a trial or the negotiation of a settlement in most cases, it is particularly important to be well advised and well represented in the event of litigation or claims.

Thanks to their diversified professional experience acquired both locally and nationally, the group of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal can help you face trial or find solutions when confronted with a dispute, anywhere in Quebec.

We are a group of independent lawyers whose primary objective is to promote access to justice and legal knowledge by offering quality legal tools, advice and services online, over the phone and in person, at reasonable cost.

With a human and personalized approach, the lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal and the tools they offer support you and help reassure you in the face of what may seem like an ordeal. With the group of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers affiliated with PSP Legal, you're no longer alone in facing the complex difficulties that result from the situations you encounter.

Whether you're dealing with claims for construction defects, faulty workmanship or latent defects, disputes arising from separation, divorce or child custody, civil and contractual claims, shareholder disputes, or even commercial or real estate transactions, as well as insurance law, taxation, labour relations or class actions, the PSP Legal group of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers offers you access to the expertise and experience of seasoned practitioners working within a national network of litigators.

The PSP Legal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Group...because you deserve expert advice!

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