Package – Smart employer

98,95$ / month

Our solution to help managers of businesses and non-profit organizations feel fully supported in matters of human resources management and legal compliance, the Package – Smart Employer brings together the following legal services in a single annual package:

  • Unlimited consultation and download of the Human Resources Management and Legal Compliance content of the PSP Legal toolkit (24/7);

  • Annual training session for directors and the management team;

  • Access to the legal analysis grid and annual legal health check of the company in terms of human resources management and legal compliance;

  • Advice on the best governance rules and policies to be implemented within the company;

  • Production and filing of declarations and monitoring of obligations relating to the DEMES (déclaration de l’employeur en matière d’équité salariale);

  • Assistance in preparing job offers and interviews;

  • Verification of candidates’ criminal records;

  • Assistance in managing disciplinary files, preparing disciplinary interviews and managing termination files;

  • Free online or telephone consultations with a jurist affiliated with PSP Legal as a bonus*;

  • Appointment scheduling within 24 hours;

  • Access to provincial multidisciplinary network;

  • Reduced hourly rates for any legal or human resources management issue requiring direct intervention by one of PSP Legal’s affiliated jurists or human resources management consultants**.

A one-stop package for information and support, and to play your role as an employer to the full!

* Up to a maximum of 6 hours

** Depending on the nature of the case and the experience of the affiliated jurist

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