Stratus Canada, Corporate Services

Thanks to the strength in numbers and the diversity of our group, PSP Legal benefits from a wide range of expertise in multiple areas of law. Our primary objective is to prioritize access to justice by providing our clients with quality legal tools, advice, and services that are local and reasonably priced. Our professional and objective lawyers, notaries, and affiliated independent corporate service firms at PSP Legal will be your partners and advisors, enabling you to make informed decisions and avoid potential obstacles you may encounter.

Our services

Incorporation and Establishment

Our incorporation and establishment services leverage our best-practice knowledge of processes and policies to help you navigate, expedite, and manage corporate incorporation processes.

Accounting, Payroll, and Taxation

When it comes to your business operations, your finances are never something that you should take lightly. That’s why, at Stratus, we offer accounting, payroll, and taxation services that help you keep the financials of your business in tip-top shape. From our bookkeeping services to our tax preparation and filing services, your business is always in good hands.

Banking Services

At Stratus, we offer a slate of banking-focused services geared towards helping your business streamline account opening and management for both your domestic and international accounts!

Corporate Services

Our well-rounded slate of corporate services is ideal for businesses looking to streamline and facilitate complex business requirements. Our Corporate Services team offers everything from health and compliance checks to corporate secretarial services in order to ensure that businesses can achieve all of their objectives.

Digital Media Services

At Stratus, we go beyond the regulatory by also offering creative solutions and services designed to improve the engagement, appeal, and potential of your online presence. Our digital media team excels at everything from branding to content creation and so much more, enabling your business to leverage an online presence that speaks to your audience, facilitates growth, and drives profitability.

About us

Stratus is an experienced, first-rate consultancy and services firm that excels at helping clients meet their business objectives. We accomplish this through a combination of experienced teams and best-practice methodologies to ensure that organizations achieve their desired outcomes quickly, reliably, and with the utmost efficiency.

Our team

We believe that what sets businesses apart is their teams. We’ve taken great care to cultivate a company culture and team that’s founded on experience and results. This enables us to help diverse clients with all of their business needs and goals.


Diversity gives our teams a well-rounded perspective into problems and lets us find the best way to achieve results. We’re proud of what makes each member of our team different and bring this diversity to the table at every step.


Our teams work tirelessly to help meet business objectives and achieve results for our clients. From simple to complex challenges, long-term projects to sudden issues and so much more, we never stop working until you’re proud of what we accomplished.


Respect for one another and for the businesses that we work with is how we build fruitful long-term relationships with one another. Embodying this value consistently assures our clients that we have their best interests at heart!

Our addresses

Montreal (Nuns' Island)

2 Place du Commerce #102, Montreal (Nuns' Island), QC H3E 2B5