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Thanks to the strength in numbers and the diversity within our group, PSP Legal benefits from a range of expertise in multiple areas of law. Our primary goal is to prioritize access to justice by providing our clients with quality, personalized legal tools, advice, and services at a reasonable cost. With professionalism and objectivity, the lawyers, notaries, and independent corporate service firms affiliated with PSP Legal will be your partners and advisors, enabling you to make informed decisions and avoid various obstacles you may encounter.

Our services

Construction and Real Estate Law

The set of legislative and jurisprudential norms aimed at property rights of buildings and constructors.

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Restructuring Law

The set of legislative, jurisprudential, and administrative norms aimed at alleviating the burden of debt.

Family Law

The set of legislative norms governing the legal relationships among different members of the same family, including marriage, civil union, cohabitation agreement, kinship, or adoptive filiation.

Personal Law

The set of legislative norms dealing with legal personality and fundamental attributes of individuals.

Civil, Medical, and Professional Liability Law

The set of legislative and jurisprudential norms aimed at compensating those who have suffered financial or bodily harm due to the fault of others.

Business Law

The set of legal rules governing the governance and legal relationships of companies and enterprises among themselves, their directors, and their clients, commonly referred to as business law and corporate governance.

Estate Law and Succession Planning

The set of legislative, jurisprudential, and fiscal norms aimed at the transfer of a person’s assets upon their death.

Labor and Employment Law

The set of legislative and jurisprudential norms governing the rights and obligations of employees and employers, as well as those governing the employment relationships between employers and employees.

Dispute Resolution

The set of legislative and jurisprudential norms aimed at resolving disputes arising from contractual and non-contractual relationships.

Our mission

Providing quality and personalized legal services, addressing your needs, and guiding you towards quick and cost-effective solutions—that’s what we can do for you!

With its multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the practice of law, PSP Legal Levis effectively guides its institutional and business clients in all aspects of their business operations, as well as decision-making processes that may have legal implications.

Individuals can also rely on our expertise in various domains, for which we have established strategic alliances to offer comprehensive expertise and high-quality service that meets your expectations.

PSP Legal Levis, because you deserve masterful advice!

Our team

Distinguished partners, exemplary interns, talented lawyers—our team stands out for its complementarity and expertise. PSP Legal Levis, professionals fully dedicated to serving you!